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Women Shouldn’t Have Children After 35 because 35 is too many. Even with the help of well staffed domestic servants, our world is just too complicated.

Belly Dance Off Fatty Thighs September 29, 2008

Belly dancing is a series of low impact movements which is why it is convenient and suitable for people across all ages. This means women who are well in their forties or fifties, age brackets where cellulite is prevalent, can safely include this dance in their daily regimen. All in all, this dance can bring about better blood circulation, which is needed to flush away toxins responsible for trapping all the fatty lumps under your skin.Indeed, reducing or eliminating cellulite should never be cumbersome and boring. With proper diet and a lot of belly dancing, you can dance your way to a body that is cellulite-free. And if you really want more help against your fatty lumps, you can always use products like Celluthin or Strivectin.  Both I have used for my fatty thighs…over time it does work, but not overnight, unfortunately.


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